Bianca, you were one of the speakers at the IE Venture Day Hong Kong in March 2015. What was your experience sharing your insights on the digital world and the art world with the audience?

It was a real honor to be invited to speak at IE Venture Day in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed sharing my story and my business experience with other IE fellows – it was a rich exchange. Most of the alumni at the event were not too familiar with the art world, but they quickly became interested in learning about how powerful the art world is and how disruptive its evolution has been, leading up to [the birth of] “Art World 3.0”.

I think I managed to sharpen their curiosity. I told them about how I launched My Web’Art, an online art platform and the process I go about to enrich my art collection by travelling to Asia, Middle East, America, Europe, etc. I also shared my forecast for the evolution of the online art market over the next few years and how I deal with the obstacles I can encounter in my business. One of these obstacles is my being young and being a woman in such a competitive environment. However, I strive to make those strengths instead of weaknesses.
What did you like the most about this experience?

I got to meet very interesting people, some of which indicated they would be willing to become financial partners on this adventure.
What was it like speaking in front of the IE alumni community?

It was quite funny and curious to be in front of the alumni community. I was studying at IE just a few years ago. At that time I would have never imagined being there, talking about my business and sharing my insights in front of this audience. IE taught me so much, it’s such an amazing reward!

How have you changed after studying at IE?

Studying at IE helped me realize I had a real “entrepreneur spirit” and that after few years of training in companies, I would be able to launch my own business and be on my own. At IE, you learn how to become a manager, how to deal with innovation and how to make it big. IE has shaped my personality.
So after a few years during which I worked for the luxury group LVMH, and in a communication and PR agency, I knew it was time for me to make it happen. I wanted to follow my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

I know you are passionate about art and are in fact an art connoisseur. In your opinion, what other abilities, skills or aptitudes should an aspiring entrepreneur in the art world have?

I think the most important thing is to be curious and open-minded. The art world is made up of so many different styles, cultures and fashions. These two skills are necessary to explore all the different facets of this amazing world, but also to discover the future trends and art styles.

And when you do discover new trends, you become a risk taker, a gambler. Make the wager, and believe, because it might then be the next big thing.

How does one go about starting an art collection?

You just need two basic skills. First of all, you need to be able to effectively research, evaluate and buy any single work of art that attracts you. Secondly, you need to be able to choose each individual piece of art in such a way as to form a meaningful collection.

Don’t confine yourself to the same old museums or galleries or wherever you’ve been looking at art. Get out there and see what else is going on. We have the chance today to discover art from all the world in just “one click.” The online art market offers this amazing opportunity. And that’s where My Web’Art offers its value to art collectors: by offering artworks from every continent.

Explore the less conventional if that’s what you’re curious about. Look at art that you think might attract you, but don’t be afraid to experiment. You may end up right back where you started, reinforcing your chosen path, but then again, something new and truly unique may thrill you at some point along the way. Furthermore, a quality collection is always evolving and never static.

Through your travels around the world, you’ve have met many art collectors. What do they have in common?


But beside a real taste for art, what art collectors have in common is they have great curiosity. They are always looking for the next piece, the next artist, the next trend, etc. Whether they are art lovers or art investors, they share the same envy.
Young art collectors are also looking for more convenience and new ways of buying art more adapted to their lifestyles. Therefore, the online art market enables them to explore and buy art from anywhere in the world without ever moving from their houses.

You said in an interview with Entrepreneur that your greatest lessons have come from your biggest failures. Can you elaborate on what did you mean by that?


As an entrepreneur, you make plans, develop strategies and take risks every single day to make the most out of your projects. You know can fail and make mistakes, but you also know that by overcoming them, you learn for the future. The important thing is to always get up.