Daniel Muñiz: “Sustainable development is our way of doing business”

Isabel Garzo


Should corporate social responsibility be understood as a program of concrete actions or as a performance that influences all of a company’s decisions?

Corporate social responsibility should be in the company’s DNA, it should be the driving force behind each decision. It should not be confined to a single department but should be the inspiration for always acting in a way that preserves the company’s present value and assures its future value. The main challenge is to make this philosophy reach each worker and give her the power to take decisions that have an economic and socio-environmental value.

How does Grupo México conceive the idea of sustainable development?

It’s our way of doing business. We don’t consider any other way. The mining industry is a long-term business. From the first day of each project, we must make a commitment to our workers and their families, the communities and the environment, as well as comport ourselves ethically and transparently, so as to enter a virtuous circle of economic and social benefits. Grupo México bases its relations on confidence, which can only be achieved by acting coherently and with perseverance.

Could you give an example of a milestone in the company’s seven decades of existence with regard to social development in the areas where it operates?

The watershed has doubtless been in the change from “taking care of the community” to “building with the community” and creating both a Grupo México Foundation and a Department of Community Development. In the areas where Grupo México has for some years now been the principal player, we have the highest levels of social and economic development.

What quality should a good leader have?

Generosity. Generosity in including people, in time, in commitment, in communicating, in sincerity. When it’s your turn to head a company, you shouldn’t forget that you’re working with many different kinds of people who trust you, who hope you will lead them well. I don’t think a leader is the person who has decided to be one, but the person that many other people have decided to follow.

For what facet of your business did your MBA at IE best prepare you?

For my role as an innovator, through strategic and critical thought. I was able to apply my facet as an integrator which, in my daily work, will impact the social wellbeing of all the people on the team. I’m now convinced that any understanding of our global surroundings must take into account the contribution that every individual makes to the organization.

How do you define success?

Apart from the financial indicators, which are necessary for evaluating the performance of any company, I define success as all the potential that daily labor brings out in people, and the benefits they generate for the group to which we belong. I define personal success as coming home happy each day, as being proud and satisfied with what was done.