“Google technology has a positive impact on society.”

Eva Fernández

There people who just dream and there are other people who follow their dreams until achieving them. Susana Restrepo is doubtless part of the second group. At just 24, she has been working for more than two years at Google, and recently moved to London to be a Partner Manager at YouTube. Her secret? Be brave and give it one’s all.

And that’s always been her philosophy. When she was very small living in her native Colombia she had always dreamed of exploring other countries and  discovering different cultures. So when she finished her secondary studies she decided to spend a year learning French before starting university. But while looking for language schools she came across IE University and “in the blink of an eye” was catching a plane for Segovia to study Communications.

When arriving at the university she set herself several goals: to travel more, speak more languages, live in other countries and work hard to take up a professional career that was exciting. Little by little she achieved this. She began by studying for a few months in Singapore, where she learned a little Chinese, and then took a course in Paris, where she began speaking French.

During those years she interned at different companies all over the world. “Communications is a very broad job that takes in many different fields, so I took advantage of the opportunity to find out what I didn’t want to do,” she explains. At the same time, the experience made her realize what her real motivation was: to change the world in some way and make it a better place. This idea, along with her boldness and courage, led her to answer an offer to enter Google. “When you start working here you discover how technology can impact society on a large scale and at a very rapid pace. Working at a place that has a massive impact on society is incredibly gratifying.”

After two and a half years in the company, Susana Restrepo says that the best thing about working at Google is not the massages or the free food but the people. “It’s rare to be surrounded by such a diverse and intelligent group of people who want to do what’s right. This is what makes the day-to-day at the company so special, and Google makes a great effort to find the right people for its team,” she explains.

The key to her success, she says, is in surrounding herself with inspiring people, being curious, constantly learning and, finally, being brave. “Do you want a job? Apply for it. Would you like to speak with the author of your favorite novel? Write to him. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Receive a ‘no’? You already have that answer,” she says.

Susana Restrepo transmits energy and passion. When asked about her long-term goals, she says “I’ll follow my instincts”, that she’ll try to get involved in projects that have an impact on the lives of people, and that for sure within in ten years she will have visited more than 60 countries. And if she says it, she’ll do it. Because she isn’t satisfied with dreaming …she goes for it!