Professional Profiles

Business Impact

Experienced executives that transform the companies and organizations where they work by putting into practice the values acquired at IE.

The EPIC Award for Business Impact will be presented to an experienced executive that has transformed the company or organization where he/she works by putting into practice the values acquired at IE. Alumni in this category may meet the following criteria:

  • Business owners – past the seed / startup phase.
  • Partners of Consulting and Legal firms at small & medium companies.
  • Partners in Consulting and Legal firms at large companies.


  • Executives that have established their large companies in a new market.
  • Retired or former C-Level Executives.
  • Board members of large companies.


  • C-Level Executive at a Global Level; or Owner / Founder / Stakeholder of Medium company or:
  • Alumni that have obtained recognition from their peers such as awards, invitation to be a speaker at recognized events.
  • Alumni that have been described or qualified as change agents or visionaries.

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